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When children and their families have to come to a hospital it can be a daunting experience.  Whether they are seeking care for short term issues, such as broken bones or infections – or for more extensive health care needs such severe injury or illness – they all deserve the very best care and facilities to help them through their journey.   

You can help with this journey in many ways and we appreciate every effort to support our work.

Make a Donation

Why not make a donation to support our work here at the hospital.  Your donation, big or small will make a massive difference to the children here at the hospital.

Here are some examples of how money may be used in The National Children’s Hospital:

€50 could provide DVD’s for the hospital’s outpatients department to help keep children entertained during treatments.

€100 could provide seasonal decorations for the wards creating a comforting atmosphere for the children at Christmas, Easter and Halloween time.

€200 could provide a bright and colourful mural in one of our treatment rooms

€400 could provide for a spaghetti table for the social work department.

€600 could fund the purchase of a ‘Resuscitation Baby’, used to educate parents, families and carers in appropriate CPR for young babies.

€1000 could fund the purchase of a hand-held pulse oximeter – these are used in the Children’s A&E department and throughout the wards to quickly assess the breathing and heart rate of small children.

€2500 could fund the purchase of a diabetes control analysis machine enabling control and adjustment of insulin.

€3000 could fund the purchase of paediatric-specific physiotherapy equipment for children with weight management issues, cystic-fibrosis and young orthopaedic patients.

€7000 could fund the purchase of an ambulatory blood pressure monitor, used to assess the extent of cardiovascular risk in young children and adolescents presenting to the hospital.

€10,000 could fund micro surgery equipment for use in the endoscopy department making procedures less invasive and ensuring they require less time to recover from.

€50,000 could fund a research fellowship, which would facilitate further understanding of many childhood illnesses.


If you would like to discuss with us the best use of your donation or if you have any specific aspect of our work that you would like to support, please feel free to contact us to discuss on 01 4142375 or info@thenationalchildrenshospital.ie


Organise an event

If you decide to organise an event for the National Children’s Hospital we are here to support you.  Why not give our team here at the office a call on 01 414 2375 or email info@thenationalchildrenshospital.ie to discuss your idea and we can provide you with advice and practical help to make your event a success. 


If you wish to return monies for your event you can do so in the following ways:

1. By Cheque

Made payable to:
The National Children’s Hospital Foundation, Tallaght

Return to:
The National Children’s Hospital Foundation
Dublin 24

A stamp will help reduce our costs

2. Directly to Bank

You can lodge your money directly to our bank account as follows:
Bank: AIB, Baggot Street
Account number: 22 04 70 49
Sort Code: 93-11-52
IBAN: IE66 AIBK 9311 5222 0470 49

When lodging monies please ensure you:

  • Include the name of the person/organisation who registered  to take part in the event on the lodgement slip

  • The name of the event – e.g. National Pancake Party, Mary Brown’s Cake party.

  • Your contact details; including address, phone number and email

This will ensure we don’t send you unnecessary letters after you have lodged your funds.



Leaving a donation to support the work of the National Children’s Hospital is an extremely positive and powerful way of making a real difference to the lives of sick children in Ireland that continues to make a difference beyond your lifetime. 

The hospital has received many legacy donations over the last number of years, large and small and these donations allow us plan for future projects at the hospital.  Our experience has shown us that for families who have had a loved one leave such a legacy has provided huge comfort and satisfaction in knowing that their loved one’s memory lives on through their help of the hospital.

We have partnered with www.mylegacy.ie   My Legacy is a successful initiative of over sixty Irish charities which aims to raise public awareness of the importance of making a will and leaving a charitable bequest.  Or if you prefer, have a conversation with your solicitor when considering making a will.


Contact the Foundation

Children's Health Ireland @ Tallaght, Dublin 24
Foundation Office: 01 414 2374
Tallaght University Hospital: 01 4142000

The National Children’s Hospital Foundation is the business name of the National Children’s Hospital, a charity (CHY233) incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee No14275, Registered in Dublin, Ireland

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